Sili glue storage pod

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Small silicon glue storage pod Sili™ Glue Products

Whether you’re using wood glue, school glue or mixing epoxy, if you don’t have a place to put the glue while working, it can become messy. With several smart design features, the Sili Glue Pod will be able to keep your glue where it belongs. The Sili Glue Pod features a sloped, rounded interior base that funnels your glue into place at the bottom of the Pod. The Pod’s hexagon shape is perfect for easy, quick glue brush dipping and dabbing for just the right amount of glue for your application. The Sili Glue Pod not only keeps your glue contained in one convenient container, it has a lid that pulls double duty and is perfect for a wide variety of glue up projects! Flip the lid over, place it on your work surface and use the aligned notches to hold your glue brushes in place to drip the glue into the lid. You can also attach the lid to the Sili Glue Pod using the grooves on the top of the lid. This way, you can let the glue brushes drip directly back into the Sili Glue Pod itself.


- diameter: 65mm

- height with cap: 45mm