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The most famous glue bottle made by FastCap company in the USA. 
No more dripping or dried glue issues! 
GluBot - is the largest glue bottle of FastCap series, with volume of 473ml  (16 oz.) .
The GluBot from FastCap is designed by cabinetmakers and woodworkers. It is easy to fill,  don't drip, and they dispense glue in both horizontal and vertical position it will be the best glue bottle you will ever own. The bottle has two tanks; when the bottle is pressed, glue goes from large to small tank givinh You precise and clean application. The bottle inlet is separated from the nozzle, making work much cleaner. The base of GluBot is wider that the bottle itself, making it more stable. After You finish your work you can cover the nozzle with red rubber cap that can be mounter on top of the yellow cap when not needed. 
GluBot comes with following accesories:
- standard flat nozzle (Blade)
- precise nozzle (Yorker)
- GluBot Guide "forks"  allowing for easily apply the glue on board and plates (their width can be adjusted with hot water).
- rubber cap for covering the nozzle when You dont use the bottle
Accesories (nozzles) are interchangable and can be bought separatelly 
volume: 473ml (16oz)
height: 170mm
width: 95x55mm (with base 110x74mm)
material: polyetylen