Hobby DIY Wizard Beaver Craft Carving Set

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Sculpting set for hand-crafted figurine of a WIZARD.

The set for hand-carving fairy tale wizard figurines - the perfect starter package for both beginners and those who would like to polish their skills in this field. The kit contains all the necessary elements needed to create a simple wizard figurine including a carving knife, cherry wood and lime wood, instructions, safety precautions and accessories for sharpening the tool.

DIY Wizard set is a great way to spend time creatively and develop manual skills. Can make a perfect gift for a loved one.


Set includes:

- 3 blocks of linden wood

- drawing of the wizard in 1:1 scale to stick on the blocks

- carving knife

- sandpaper

- protective tape for fingers and a plaster - to prevent from cuts

- instructions for making the figurine


*In view of the steel from which the tools are made, the manufacturer recommends maintenance with an anti-corrosion agent.