120mm straight draw knife with leather pouch Beaver Craft

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Beaver Craft Straight Draw Knife in Leather Pouch


The traditional, handy and convenient Beaver Craft draw knife is a reliable tool for debarking and planing wood. Perfect for removing small layers of wood in the form of long chips, smoothing out surfaces before sanding, and for shaping curved shapes.

The blade is made of hardened high-carbon steel and is 3mm thick*, leaving the surface of the wood smooth - perfect for precision work.

The axe has two handles made of hard, durable ash, impregnated with natural linseed oil.

Comes with a cowhide blade pouch!




Total lenght: 330mm

Blade lenght: 120mm

Blade width: 19mm

Blade thickness: 3mm

Grip lenght: 105mm


*Due to the steel from which the tools are made, the manufacturer recommends maintenance with corrosion protection agents.