Beginner's Hobby DIY Horse Carving Set Beaver Craft

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Handmade sculpture set for creating and painting the figurine of a horse.

This hand carving of a figurine of a horse is a perfect starter kit for beginners as well as for those who would like to polish their skills in this field. The set contains all the necessary elements needed to create a simple figurine of a horse, including a carving knife, linden wood pre-cut in the shape of an animal, instructions, safety precautions and accessories for sharpening and polishing the knife. In addition, the set has 5 pieces of colored paints to give the toy colors according to your own sophisticated idea.

Kit DIY Horse is a great way to spend time creatively and develop manual skills. It can be a perfect gift for a loved one.


Set includes:

- 1 block of linden wood in the shape of a cut-out horse, ready for you to shape it with your own hands;

- carving knife - comfortable, easy to handle, versatile for many tasks during carving;

- sandpaper for finishing the surface of the horse;

- cowhide belt for sharpening and polishing the knife;

- polishing paste;

- paints for painting the figurine;

- protective tape for fingers;

- instructions on how to cut out the horse


*Because of the steel from which the tools are made, the manufacturer recommends maintenance with an anti-corrosion agent.