How to build a dust extration hose for power tools?

How to build a dust extration hose for power tools?

I bet You all know the nigbtmare of having your workshop filled with tons of sawdust and shavings made by each swing of the power tool. It's a day-to-day problem in both professional and DIYers workshop. Since we don't want to drown in all this refuse, sooner or later everyone decides to install some sort of sawdust extractor. Her's a short foto-instruction of how to build a sawdust extraction hose and make Your work easier for years to come. :D

1. Dust Extraction Hose 100mm

Flexible extraction hose, available in 2 versions: 

3m (SKU: W0096) 

- or 7,8m (SKU: W0097) 

2. 100mm to 63mm reduction.

Simple adaptor for joining hoses of diffrent diameters. 

(SKU: redukcja100-63) 

 3. Magnetic holder for 100mm extraction hoses

Magnetic holder screwed on top of the workbench or to its side. 


4. Rubber hose for power tools 25mm,  3m long.

Universal, flexible rubber hose with adapter for power tools.

(SKU: waz) 

 5. Anti-slip friction padsTrigrips Milescraft 

Anti-slip friction pads provide stability for the workpiece and protect it from being scratched by particles lying on the workbench.

(SKU: 1601)

We connect 100mm hose (nr 1) leading to the extractor ( available in 63mm diameter  - check here :) ) with the 25mm green hose (nr 4) using adaptor (nr 2). Tips and universal adaptor included in the 25mm hose set allow to effortlessly connecting the hoses and connection of power tool.
In order to prevent the hose from lying on the workshops floor, we recommend using screv-on holder with rotary, magnetic head (nr 3) that can be attached to the workbench. Connecting the hose to the holder makes your work much easier and comfortable.

In order to secure the workpiece in one place as well as protect it from scratching by particles liyng around we recommend using anti-slip friction pads (nr 5) 

What are the pros? 

> quick connection of elements

> compatibility with most of Your power tools

> flexibility of hoses giving You greater freedom of movement while using power tools

All, even the least typicall elements for building a comlex dust extraction network can be founf on our internet page :) 


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