T-slot cutter 9.5mm with shank of 6.3mm

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Axcaliber 9.5mm T-slot cutter with 6.35mm shank


High precision T-slot cutter. Designed to create recesses (e.g. for keyholes) and slots (e.g. for frames or workbenches).

The large chamfer angle ensures a smooth cut and perfect finish.

The blades are made of tungsten carbide, which keeps the cutter sharp for an extremely long time. Teflon coating minimizes resin build-up on the cutter.


Cutter dimensions:

- shank diameter: 6.35mm (1/4')

- T-slot diameter: 9.5mm

- max. height: 10.8mm


Note! Before buying this cutter make sure that your milling machine has a 1/4" inch (6.35mm) holder!