Set of 5 Shirogami Kanetomo Steel Chisel with lockable case

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Set of 5 Shirogami Kanetomo Steel Chisel (9, 15, 24, 30 and 36mm) with lockable case.


Product description:

Set of 5 chisels (9, 15, 24, 30, 36mm) made of Shirogami steel, professional Japanese chisels Oire Nomi by Kanetomo are typical chisels that can be beaten with a hammer. Tits are used in joinery work, execution of connections and furniture, door or frame construction. For this chisel is very high hardness (63HRC) characteristic - it is made of Shirogami carbon steel, which is also known as white paper steel. White Steel (Shirogami) is a high quality tool steel that is well suited for the production of tits and knives. The tit is laminated, i.e. the iron (blades) are made of two metal layers. The notebook (with a metal ring at the end) is made from red oak (akagashi). Blade length: 9, 15, 24, 30 and 36 mm. Working surface length: 58 mm. Total length of tits: 225 mm.
The chisels are ground and ready to use. They can be beaten with a steel hammer but the ring must be pushed deep in the direction of the blade because such a hammer has a contact with the wooden handle attachment.
It is recommended to moisten the stapling from time to time with oil - wood does not break and the life of the book is longer. On the back, the Japanese chisels Oire Nomi have a characteristic recess that reduces the touch surface between the tool and a material. Due to the short life of the blade, these iron should not be used for deep openings or as a lever (they are not carpenters or hole chisels). The irons are supplied in the lockable bag.