2-piece carving knife set with linden wood Beaver Craft

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Sculpting set for hand-crafted figurines.

A set for hand-carving the most imaginative figurines of animals or characters - anything that your imagination can suggest. It is a perfect package for those who would like to polish their skills in this field, but also for beginners. The set includes all the necessary elements needed to create your own small sculpture - two carving knives, four small and one larger block of linden wood.

A great way to spend time creatively and develop manual skills. Can be a perfect gift for a loved one.


The set includes: 

- 4 linden wood blocks 100x25x25mm

- 1 block of linden wood 100x50x50mm

- 1 knife for creating the general geometry of the sculpture, making shapes

- 1 knife for details, deep cuts and finishing.


The knives are made of high quality hardened spring steel*. The handles are made of durable ash wood impregnated with linseed oil.Knives dimentions: 

- knife for sculpturing: 

  • total lenght: 155mm
  • blade lenght: 25mm
  • grip lenght: 120mm

- knife for details: 

  • total lenght: 155mm
  • blade lenght: 35mm
  • grip lenght: 115mm



*Due to the steel from which the tools are made, the manufacturer recommends maintenance with corrosion protection agents.