Aluminum blocker stop for woodworking tables 19mm 05G23.01 Veritas

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Aluminium stop for joiner tables and planing machines with holes 19mm 05G23.01 Veritas


Extremely practical accessory made of durable aluminium is a simple answer to a common problem of planer users - how to immobilise the workpiece (planed, carved, etc.) on the table, so that it does not "run away" during work. Traditional vice stops do not always pass the test.

The table stop for woodworking tables consists of a flat blocker, 248mm long and 5.6mm high, and vices which slide into it, suitable for planing machines with 19mm holes (it will also work well with 20mm holes). The vices can be moved to any distance to fix the stop in two holes.


Dimensions of the sleeves:

- diameter: 18.8mm

- height: 37mm

Blocker dimensions:

- length: 248mm

- Height: 5.6mm