Veritas® Stainless-Steel Parf Dogs, pair

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Veritas Long Parf Dogs  05G49.55 (2pcs.)

Stainless steel Parf dogs (70mm) for workbenches with pattern of 20 mm holes , they fit into Festool MFT/3Wolfcraft and other workbenches.  
Using a pattern of 20 mm holes in Your workbench and setting bench dogs there ( both small and tall) will give You a perfect positioning of both guide rail and workpiece. This will allow You to make precise and repeatable cuts at an angle of 90° and 45°.  
Apart from being used as stopers and positioning elements, Bench dogs can have other uses too. All bench dogs from this series have threaded holes going through the lengh of the dog, which allows them to be anchored from the bottom of the workbench with a knob. This threaded hole also allows other accesories to be mounted directly on the bench dogs.  The bench dogs can also be used for guiding router by the circle.
Collars height /(working height): 10mm/(70mm)
Total height: 87 mm
Collars diameter: 25mm
Height of anchoring pin: 17mm
Diameter of anchoring pin: 19,90mm
Material: stainless steel
Number in set: 2pcs.
Manufactured in Canada. 

Bench dogs with smaller collar (small dogs) are available at this link.