Router lift for routers with body diameter of 89mm (3,5")

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Router lift for routers with body diameter of 89mm (3,5") 

The lift for the routing machine with insert plate is an extremely precise system to adjust the height of the routing machine and the extension of the cutter in relation to the routing table. It allows for quick and convenient raising or lowering of the router machine, without the need to remove the entire tool from under the table. It also makes easier to change the cutter from above.

Height adjustment is done with the included crank handle. An additional knob in the plate allows for micro-adjustment of the router's height, guaranteeing precision when routing. The router lift includes a locking system that prevents the cutter from sliding down on its own.

The 9.5mm thick aluminum insert plate includes a guide pin and 3 center inserts (rings), providing support for the workpiece even very close to the cutter.


Insert plate specifications:

Material: aluminum

Insert plate thickness: 9.5mm

Insert plate size: 298.5mm X 235mm X 9.5mm

Corner radius: 9.1mm

Diameter of ring holes: 66mm,32mm,25mm

Diameter of center hole (without ring) 92mm


Set includes:
router lift with router plate;
3 center rings
adjustment crank
guide pin


Compatible Milling Machines:

Porter-Cable 690/890 series 3.5"
Bosch 1617/1618 3.5" Series
Dewalt 610/618 3.5" Series
Craftsman 1754x/28190/ 28084 router motors 3.5"
Others - with 89mm (3.5") motor body diameter

The lift is not compatible with small trimmers, it is only suitable for trimmers with motor body diameter of 89mm (3.5") !