Adjustable Routing Template 840x540mm Woodfan

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Adjustable router template 840mm x 540mm WF9060 WoodFan


Aluminum template for routing and cutting with plunge router.

This extremelly practicall tool, thanks to precise adjustment of working area will find it's use in tasks such as:


> Cutting large holes (for sinks, washbasins etc.), 

> making grooves and holes in workbenches , 

> making ornaments ( decorative doors, furniture etc.).


Thanks to assembly connectors with T-nuts You'll have no problems with setting the template to according to your needs. Temlate can be locked and unlock instantly; keeping the spacing intact and without the risk of various elements going apart. 

Long durable aluminum rails allow for mounting and moving even the heavies plunge routers on it, withohut the risk of bending the rails.

In order to prevent both template and router from beeing damaged, bushing for router templates are needed. Not included in this product. (We recommend SKU: 493566PTK011261)

All rails have a bottom groove for mounting additional clamps (bought separatelly) on it, thus making it easier to fasten the template to the workpiece.  (Clamps for template: SKU W0111)



- Maximum working Area: 840mm x 540mm

- rails dimentions: 

width: 54mm
height: 16mm
lenght: 900mm / 600mm


The set includes: 

- 2x  600mm long rails

- 2x  900mm long rails

- 4x assembly connectors 

- 2x spacer pads for router


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