Multi-purpose 122cm Top-Bottom T-track with flip stop

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Multi-purpose set to quickly build a high speed T-track up/down guide with flip-stop

A guide for mitre saws and other machines is one of the most essential tools in the workshop. Without it cutting can be tedious and imprecise.

The T-track Up and Down kit with the Flip8 raised stop is a versatile set of accessories to quickly build a high stop for cutting thick workpieces.

 What is a Top-Bottom T-track profile? 

It is a high quality solid aluminium rail consisting of two T-Track profiles reversed in relation to each other - one with the groove on top and one with the groove on the bottom.

T-Track has an outside dimension of 12x31.8mm, a groove of 8.6 and 12.1mm, and a length of 122cm.

The profile has a slight indentation on both sides for gluing the tape measure.

Due to its designt it's easy to mount on any surface with T-bolts or cone-headed screws (there are no pre-drilled holes in the profile, they must be drilled by oneself)

How do I build a high slide with a kit?

All you need is a bar with a minimum height of 48mm (at this height the Flip8 will sit perfectly on your worktop allowing you to use it to cut even thin workpieces) to which you screw the T-track profile up and down. Glue a tape measure (left or right, depending on convenience) onto the profile and slide the stop into the groove.

The set contains:

- 1x T-track Top-Down 122cm;

- 1x Flip8 flip-stop;

- 1x adhesive tape measure right side

- 1x adhesive tape measure left

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