122cm Mitre track with 19/24mm groove

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122 cm aluminum mounting track with a 19/24mm T-shaped groove

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Mitre Track profile with a 19/24mm groove (for making "sleds" and much more...)

High quality aluminum alloy track mounting - dimensions: 1220x31x13 mm; groove: 19/24 mm.

Perfect for mounting: clamps, measuring tools, featherboards, stop blocks and other devices that you have made. Mitre track is most often used on worktables, drill press tables, router tables, extending tables, side tracs and other surfaces.

Mitre track has drilled holes every 13 cm (cone-shaped) and is easy for shortening to any lenght.

If you're planning for making "sleds" using this profile we reccomend our black sliding fence. LINK HERE

If you're looking for a profile with smaller groove, check this model. LINK HERE