Beaver Craft Double-Sided Profile Sharpener with Polishing Paste

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Double-Sided Profiled Knife Sharpener for Half Round Spoons and Chisels - with Polishing Paste 5-7 Micrometer and Abrasive Paper


Double-sided, profiled sharpener is an exceptionally effective way to sharpen and polish carving tools. Particularly recommended for maintenance of spoon knives and half round chisels.

The sharpener is made of durable wood and has two work surfaces.

One side is for attaching sandpaper and sharpening tools.

The other side - used for polishing - is covered with natural cowhide, which, using the polishing paste from the set, perfectly finishes, finally sharpens the utensils and polishes their surface to a shine.


Dimensions of the polisher:

- Overall length: 310mm

- Width of working part: 70mm

- Length of working part: 170mm


Set includes:

- board-sharpener

- 25g block of polishing paste with a granulation of 5-7 micrometers

- 2pcs fine grade sandpaper.