Woodworking scribing and measuring set with protractor, markers, ruler and pencil

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The set includes:

- 1x metal Carpenter's Marker with 150mm graduation

- 1x aluminium universal protractor with spirit level

- 1x dovetail joint marker

- 1x transparent and flexible 30cm ruler with two metric scales

- 1x automatic pencil


Metal Carpenter's Marker with 150mm graduation - ZS1 WoodFan

> Solid all-metal construction
> brass head and knob (head diameter 40mm)
> Laser-cut metric 150mm (1mm intervals) and imperial 6" graduations
> Hardened steel blade for cross and rip cuts
> Perfect tool for scribing parallel lines, transferring dimensions, can be used as a depth gauge
> Blade fully retracts in the brass head for safe storage and protection
> interchangeable blade
> Max. working length 170mm, total length 202mm
> Simple marker adjustment, locking with one metal knob
> 8,1mm diameter black-coated steel rod

Universal angle (combination) 300mm
The angle is made entirely of aluminum. The angle has an additional built-in spirit level and retractable metal stylus.
Knob with spring provides quick adjustment and solid hold of the ruler.
Aluminum ruler, metric and imperial graduations on both sides.
Longer arm 300mm, shorter 105/85mm.
Scale dimensions: 304x25x2mm
The tool can be used as: protractor, depth gauge, marker, spirit level

Aluminium dovetail joint marker 2in1
> 1:5 soft wood
> 1:8 hardwood
>Dimensions 63x22 mm
>Aluminium with black anodised finish and white graduations

Transparent and flexible 30cm ruler with two metric scales.
Upper scale with zero in the middle and lower traditional scale from 0 to 30cm
The ruler can be bent freely and half circles and curves can be measured.
The ruler measures: 312x45x0.55mm
Ruler made of transparent plastic

Automatic pencil with 2mm thick stylus. If you need a sharp and precise ending or a thick ending with a wide trace, there is a planer in the set, which will allow you to get the tip of the stylus in the required shape.

In addition, the set includes 6pc spare stylus HB (graphite refills).

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