Carpentry clamping square 150mm x 150mm - K15

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Clamping square 150mm - 1 pc. WoodFan

> simple to use clamping square that makes clamping and gluing-up at 90-degree angle exteremally simple 
> CNC manufactured with great precision
> tool made from durable polycarbon
> 35 mm wide and 24 mm deep, dedicated for clamping 
> it has metric scale from one side and imperial scale on the other
> clamping square with arm dimentions of 150x150 mm intended for large and medium projects

K15 - is a robustly made clamping square with dimentions of 150x150 mm. It is intended for gluing-up frames, building drawers, making joinery and other carpentry projects. Clamping square is really simple to use, You just line up the square with the workpiece and press them up with clamps - getting a perfect 90-degree angle all the time!  
This clamping square was manufactured from special polycarbon, giving it its impressive durability and precision. It has both metric and imperial scale. It has a cross-section of  35x24 mm, making it posible to be mounted and clamped on the workbench. The K15  clamping square is a must-have in every wokshop! 
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